One pack member took a life in “Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 5. The dark episode of the MTV teen drama showed Scott’s (Tyler Posey) pack in trouble as they entered Eichen House to find Dr. Valack (Steven Brand). However, the horror started before the gang even got to the mental hospital. First, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) had to fight off his attacker, which led to Stiles doing something he probably didn’t know he was capable of.

Episode 5 picks up right where episode 4 left off with Stiles being attacked. The human was able to fight Donovan off with a wrench and ran into the school. Donovan (Ashton Moio) doesn’t stay down for long though. He follows Stiles into the library.

While searching for Stiles, Donovan reveals that his father and the Sheriff were deputies together. The Sheriff (Linden Ashby) was calling for backup while Donovan’s father went into a shootout and was paralyzed. The attacker clearly holds a grudge. 

Eventually, Donovan finds Stiles hiding in the stacks. Stiles tries to get away again as Donovan’s eyes go white and his animal-like teeth come out. While climbing up a construction scaffolding in the library, Stiles pulls part of the construction unit down. He impales Donovan, killing him.

Stiles calls 911, but he can’t manage to say anything. The dispatcher says they’re sending a car to the high school. Stiles decides to run. He gets in his car and turns the engine on. Once he hears the sirens, he doesn’t take off. He watches the cop enter the high school from afar with Donovan’s blood still on his hands. Stiles hears on his police scanner that the cop deemed it a prank call. Clearly, he didn’t get into the library. When Stiles goes back to the crime scene, the body is missing.

Meanwhile, Scott is curled up in bed with Kira (Arden Cho) when he hears her speaking Japanese -- a language she doesn't know -- in her sleep. An alert on his phone tells him that an alarm at the veterinarian’s office went off.

Stiles tries to figure out what is happening. He realizes that Donovan either survived being impaled, or someone took the body. He quickly starts erasing the board that he wrote his ideas on. He realizes that Donovan is part of a pattern when Scott calls and says Tracy’s (Kelsey Chow) body is missing from the vet’s office. His mom revealed that Lucas’ (Eddie Ramos) body was also stolen in the last episode.

They don’t realize that someone they know is stealing bodies. Parrish (Ryan Kelley) was shown carrying a new body to the nemeton.

At school, Malia (Shelley Hennig) brings the “Dread Doctors” book to the pack. Lydia (Holland Roden) questions if it’s less of a novel and more of a prediction. While Scott and Kira are going over the book in the library, the Alpha smells blood. He ignores it, though.

Scott brings the book to Theo (Cody Christian), who points out the last page. Dr. Valack is thanked in the acknowledgements. Scott knows they have to see him. Theo goes straight to the Dread Doctors.

“They’re going tonight,” Theo reports. The Dread Doctors want Scott’s pack in Eichen House for some reason. Stiles isn’t aware of the evil plan, but he refuses to let Lydia go to Eichen House without him.

Before they leave, Kira seems stressed about something. She asks her boyfriend to look at her with his wolf eyes. When Scott turns on the Alpha vision, he sees her full flaming kitsune form. He claims that she looks “fine” when he turns on the vision.

On their way into Eichen House, Scott confides in Stiles. He worries about Kira’s new abilities. He believes she would’ve killed Lucas last week if he hadn’t stopped her. Stiles says that self defense could have been her reasoning, but Scott doesn’t want anyone to die.

“They’re not the bad guys; they’re the victims,” Scott says. “We shouldn’t be killing the people we’re trying to save.”

Once they get into Eichen House, they discover that only Lydia and Stiles can go past the mountain ash that guards Valack’s cell. On the walk down the hall, Stiles sees a creature that has Donovan’s face, but then turns back into a weird creature. Valack says that the creature shows lost souls.

Dr. Valack reveals that he wrote the book they found. He claims it’s a tool designed to help them learn about the Dread Doctors. He wrote it because no one would believe him or listen to him. He explains that they were “scientists who worshipped the supernatural.” They found ways to live longer and develop power.

However, the doctor with a third eye doesn't work for free. He needs a favor in exchange for this information. He wants a recording of Lydia’s scream.

While Lydia and Stiles interrogate Valack, Scott tells Kira about how it was before she was around. Stiles was obsessed with Lydia and the genius pretended to be dumb so boys would like her. Scott acknowledges that Stiles still likes Lydia, but it isn’t the way it used to be. A flicker of electricity interrupts them. Kira suddenly can’t control her electrical powers.

When the electricity starts to falter, Valack gets angry. He says that the teenagers brought the Dread Doctors when they awakened the nemeton. He realizes that they brought a kitsune. He says that Kira’s powers disrupt the electromagnetic force field that keeps supernatural beings trapped in Eichen House. The Dread Doctors counted on that. They’re going to attack.

While the pack visits Dr. Valack, Theo visits Malia in the library. He offers to let Malia practice driving on his car. Theo tries to get Malia to be more comfortable with driving (which seems an awful lot like he’s hitting on Stiles’ girlfriend). Malia has a flashback to being a kid in a car, and starts speeding up the car. She comes to a sudden stop and collapses onto the ground.

Malia has a full flashback to the night of the accident that killed her adoptive mother. She remembers someone shooting their car off the road. She realizes it was the Desert Wolf, her biological mother.

Back at Eichen House, Kira passes out. When Scott tries to check on her, she electrocutes him. Scott can’t leave Kira on the ground, so he endures being electrocuted to pick her up and make a run for it. He manages to get her out, and he says that he definitely meant it when he told her "I love you" last week. 

With limited time before the Doctors arrive, Stiles says they have to know what the book does. Valack was trying to trigger someone’s memory. He wanted to know who else had seen them. “If they’ve done something to you, then the book will help you remember,” he explains.

Lydia flashes back to her surgery and realizes that she may have met the villains already. She grabs the recorder and does what he asked. Then Stiles and Lydia hide.

Yet the Doctors apparently weren’t after them. They just wanted a way into Eichen House. They wanted Dr. Valack’s third eye, so they rip it right out of him.

“I think we’re okay,” Lydia says after she realizes that the Dread Doctors aren’t attacking them.

“It’s not okay. All of this, it’s on us,” Stiles says. “Everything that’s happened, everything that’s going to happen, it’s our fault.”

“It’s our responsibility,” Lydia says.

After Valack’s attack, he puts the recorder in a cup and plays Lydia’s scream. It cracks the glass. It looks like Lydia is accidentally helping him escape his cell.

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