The second half of “Teen Wolf” season 5 has already shown exciting events surrounding beloved characters such as the appearance of the massive Beast, Kira’s return and Lydia learning how to use her banshee powers. Showrunner Jeff Davis recently revealed that “Teen Wolf” season 5B would also uncover the identity of the Dread Doctors.

The Beast may have been considered as the real enemy in “Teen Wolf” season 5B. Its appearance sparked an uneasy truce between Theo (Cody Christian) and Scott (Tyler Posey), so they could work together to defeat the massive creature. Discovering who the Beast is would be one of the mysteries to be solved this season, however, another secret to be unveiled would be the faces behind the Dread Doctors’ masks.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Teen Wolf” showrunner Davis shared that “unmasking” the Dread Doctors would be something that fans will see in the latter episodes of “Teen Wolf” season 5B. Apart from that hint, Davis also spoke of the impressive job that the show’s make-up artists did for the said characters. “The makeup for underneath the surgeons’ masks … our makeup effects artist did a phenomenal job. We’re happy about it. You’ll see it eventually,” he stated. 

“Teen Wolf” season 5B is already nearing its half way mark and with its looming season finale, Davis shared that the fate of the Dread Doctors, along with other characters, will be unveiled at the end of the season. “We’ve been treating the 20 episodes as one storyline, so this thing will wrap up in 520. You’ll know the fate of the Dread Doctors, you’ll know the fate of all of our characters, and how it leads into season 6,” Davis explained during his Entertainment Weekly interview.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episodes of “Teen Wolf” season 5B will also show the Argents’ personal connection to the Beast. That story will unfold in a special Beast flashback episode which will feature “Teen Wolf” alum Crystal Reed who will portray the character Marie-Jeanne Valet. Reed originally portrayed Allison, Scott’s love interest in the earlier seasons of “Teen Wolf,” however, Allison died in season 3.

The next episode of “Teen Wolf” season 5 titled “The Sword and the Spirit” will air on Jan. 26 on MTV.