“Teen Wolf” will be missing a pack member during Season 6. Actress Arden Cho revealed Monday that she will not return to the MTV drama. The announcement came as a surprise to many viewers since the show didn’t necessarily end her storyline in the March finale.

“I just want to say I love Kira Yukimura so much,” Cho said in a YouTube video. “I loved my experience on ‘Teen Wolf.’ I love the cast and crew, it’s been an amazing three and a half years. It’s gone by so fast, but unfortunately, it looks like we are wrapped up with Kira’s storyline, and she won’t be coming back for Season 6.”

The actress didn’t give much of a reason for her departure. “Sometimes in a show where there’s so many characters, there isn’t always room for everyone and everyone’s storylines, so I guess that was it,” Arden explained. “I do wish we would’ve developed a little bit more of her powers and the skinwalkers and just — there would’ve been more of like an epic ending, but you never know with ‘Teen Wolf.’ People might come back. It is what it is.”

Watch Cho’s video below:

Kira’s storyline wasn’t left on a cliffhanger, but it certainly didn’t feel like it ended. In the Season 5 finale, Kira made an alliance with the skinwalkers. Kira returned to the desert, and she told her boyfriend Scott (Tyler Posey) that she didn’t know how long they’d keep her there. It seems they won’t get her back in time for graduation.

Fans were not only disappointed to hear the news but also upset with the situation. They didn’t get to see Kira have a proper ending, and Cho makes it clear that she thought she was going to return for “Teen Wolf” Season 6 until recently. Others were also upset that she is no longer a series regular when there are so few Asian leading roles on American television. They expressed their anger and sadness on Twitter.


Cho isn’t the only Season 5 actor who isn’t returning for Season 6. Cody Christian also revealed that his character could make a comeback, but he hasn’t been asked yet. However, unlike Kira, his character Theo was given an ending — albeit, a dark one — when his dead sister pulled him into a hole in the ground. Audiences will have to see if the show further explains Kira’s absence when the drama returns.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 does not have a premiere date yet.