Telkonet Inc. is one of the market-leading clean technology companies providing integrated, centrally-managed energy management and smart grid networking solutions to the emerging $50 billion smart grid and energy efficiency markets. The company is one of the top three occupancy-based energy management control providers in each of the hospitality, education, healthcare, military, commercial and residential markets.

The company announced today that it has been selected to deploy its Telkonet SmartEnergy energy management system on two separate military bases. The two contracts, together worth approximately $400,000, were awarded to Telkonet as part of overall base energy efficiency projects through a large energy services company (ESCO) partner.

Installation of the company’s systems is scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2010. These contracts include a total of more than 300 rooms over the two locations. By using Telkonet’s occupancy-sensing technology and thermostats, the bases will now save on energy costs through the reduction of heating and cooling of unoccupied rooms. The company’s technology allows for adjusting and maintaining a room’s temperature according to occupancy and environmental factors, thereby avoiding wasting energy.

Unlike fixed setback systems, Telkonet’s technology ensures that the temperature returns to the occupant’s setting within minutes upon their return, maintaining occupant comfort while ensuring maximum energy efficiency. In addition, the system reduces the run-time for heating, ventilation and cooling equipment, decreasing maintenance overhead and extending equipment working life. Because of the unique challenges of military housing, the installation on the military bases showcases the design flexibility of Telkonet’s equipment and technology.