Below are the 10 worst performing ETFs over the past week out of 94 ETFs. These funds may represent companies or industries that are suffering. Avoid going long in those stocks or buying any stocks from those industries.

YTDFundMost Recent Chart Pattern
-7.88%$17.3054.46%iShares Silver Trust (SLV)Pipe bottom from 10/26/2009 to 11/02/2009
-7.52%$20.17-74.10%UltraShort 2x Semiconductor ProShares (SSG)Head-and-shoulders bottom from 09/23/2009 to 11/17/2009
-6.99%$36.8511.33%United States Oil (USO)Channel from 10/21/2009 to 11/18/2009
-5.94%$39.7249.77%DJ US Oil Equip and services (IEZ)Triangle, ascending from 07/27/2009 to 08/14/2009
-5.78%$32.6228.83%iShares SP Natural resources (oil) (IGE)Target price from 11/19/2009 to 11/19/2009
-5.75%$11.30-76.40%Direxion Small Cap Short 3x Russell 2000 (TZA)Head-and-shoulders bottom from 09/23/2009 to 11/16/2009
-5.48%$34.6678.11%United States Gasoline (UGA)Rectangle top from 10/30/2009 to 11/25/2009
-5.48%$110.9528.24%streetTRACKS Gold Shares (GLD)Broadening top, right-angled and descending from 10/13/2009 to 11/02/2009
-5.37%$15.6740.54%PowerShares Dynamic Oil Services (PXJ)Head-and-shoulders top from 09/23/2009 to 11/11/2009
-5.15%$22.6761.81%MSCI Australia Index fund (EWA)Double Top, Eve and Eve from 10/21/2009 to 11/16/2009