A prison sentence won’t stop Teresa Giudice from making New Year’s resolutions. The “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” star is set to report to prison in Danbury, C.T. on Jan. 5, the same one that inspired “Orange Is The New Black.” Her sentence will be 15 months (though overcrowding could lead to an early release), but Giudice is apparently trying to think positive. In a new video for Glam, Giudice made some New Year’s resolutions with Dina Manzo, and she seemed to ignore the fact that she is scheduled to spend the majority of 2015 in prison for fraud. So what are her resolutions for 2015?

Eat Healthy – Like many people, Giudice focused on her unhealthy habits. “Going forward, I would like to stop eating bad carbs,” she said.

Live Simply – Manzo said that she wanted to “simplify” her life, and Giudice agreed. “I like that. I’ve been doing that,” she said. “I have. I’ve been filtering, so I want to continue doing that."

Work On The Booty – Both women want to exercise and work on one specific asset. Giudice said she always used to have the best butt in the room, but now she has to work for it. “Now I have to keep exercising, so if not, then I might have to get one put in,” Giudice joked.

Positivity – Giudice wants all the negative people out of her life. “I just want to keep being around positive people that make me happy and just keep the negative out,” she said.

Religion – The “Real Housewife” wants to be sure to maintain her relationship with God in 2015. “I’ve been doing this and I think it’s really important, and everyone should keep doing this: keeping the faith,” Giudice adde. “Whatever religion that you believe in, you know, just bring it into your life even more.”

Happiness – Really, she just wants what most people want in their lives. “What makes you happy, keep going with it,” Giudice said.

Watch her make her New Year's resolutions below: