Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of mapping and analysis services for exploration, drilling, and mining companies related to natural resources found beneath the surface of the Earth, recently announced that the Millennium International Group identified a substantial ruby and gold geological discovery in Cambodia, utilizing Terra’s proprietary STeP® technology.

Through its services subsidiary Terra Insight Services, Inc., the company performed a two-phase analysis to assess the ruby and gold mineralization potential of 100 square kilometers in Cambodia for Millennium at the beginning of 2010. Millennium acted on the recommendations provided the STeP technology and dispatched a team into certain areas delineated as prospective targets, starting with the priority territory. Based on the results of bulk sampling and other geological work, Millennium’s geologists reported to Terra findings of gold and ruby gemstones in all of the sampled areas and projecting commercial extraction of gems for at least five years.

Dmitry Vilbaum, chief executive officer of Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, stated, “Terra’s technologies were instrumental in exploring a pure jungle, difficult to access area, where classic remote sensing as well as traditional geological methods would likely be stymied by the dense vegetation and challenging terrain.” Mr. Vilbaum continued, “All of this was done remotely using satellite data, and without the need to set foot on the ground in Cambodia, demonstrating the power of the STeP® technology. We identified several large mineral deposits in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost, compared to conventional exploration methods.”

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