All electric automaker Tesla Motors said Tuesday the number of reservations for its Model S car has exceeded the company's expectations hitting 1,000 units over the weekend, according to a company spokeswoman.

Tesla has received reservations from across the United States, Canada and Europe for the Model S, an all electric four door sedan unveiled in March 26. It sits seven people and can drive up to 224 miles per electric charge.

The company first planned to produce the sedan in early 2010 but delayed the car's assembly until 2011. Tesla is currently waiting for a government loan to fund the factory.

We are still confident that we will get a low-interest federal loan, Tesla's spokeswoman Rachel Konrad said today. We are still working very closely with the Department of Energy, which has known about our Model S assembly plans for about two years, she added.

The Department of Energy's program allocated up to $25 billion in direct loans for the costs of re-equipping, expanding, and establishing manufacturing facilities in the United States to produce advanced technology vehicles, and components for such vehicles.

Tesla has contingent plans for other sources of funding in case it is not granted the loan, Konrad said.