If you’ve been waiting to buy a Tesla, now may be the time. The Model S and the Model X are dropping in price before the release of the more affordable Model 3, expected to start production later this year.

Monday’s announced reductions come the day after the least expensive Tesla, the Model S 60 was discontinued. Tesla sent out emails to potential buyers in March alerting them that Sunday  would be the final day to order the vehicle, Electrek reported.

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Now the Model S is the least expensive model on the market, starting at $69,500 before tax incentives and gas savings are factored in. That’s a $5,000 reduction for the base 75. The base 75D saw a reduction of $3,000, bringing it to $74,500.

But some bases saw an increase in price,  the Verge reported. The 100D base is increasing the price of the Model S by $5,000 and the Model X by $1,000. The base P100D will also see an increase, $5,500 for the S, and $9,500 for the X. Those increases won’t occur until April 24.

All these prices are well above the Model 3, which will begin production in