Tesla Unveils Plans For New Battery Plant (Infographics)

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Analysts are less optimistic about an acquisition any time soon, with one analyst expecting a collaboration between Apple and Tesla, rather than a takeover. Reuters

On Wednesday Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), the all-electric vehicle maker and current Wall Street darling, unveiled long-awaited plans for its new battery factory, which it says will cut manufacturing costs.

Dubbed "The Gigafactory" by Tesla, the single plant is supposed to produce by 2020 more lithium ion batteries than all factories in the world turned out in 2013.

Here are the details Tesla released, in a series of charts and images.

tesla5 Gigafactory Location Finalists  Tesla tesla1 Planned 2020 Gigafactory Production Exceeds 2013 Global Production  Source: IIT Takeshita 2013 tesla2 Gigafactory Process Flow  Tesla tesla3 Gigafactory Projected Figures  Tesla tesla4 Gigafactory Location Finalists  Tesla


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