The frightening video of a 3-year-old girl being tossed from a carnival ride in Houston, has prompted Texas rodeo officials to take another look at ride requirements so as to prevent another accident of this kind.

Rodeo officials are changing the ride's height restriction requirements and there could be tougher regulation for traveling carnivals in Texas.

ABC News reported that the video shows the young girl as she was slipping underneath the restraining bar of the Techno Jump Ride at RodeoHouston carnival around 2 p.m. on Wednesday. The girl slipped from her seat and was seen flying in the air as the ride picked up speed. Reports are that she landed some six to eight feet on the platform below.

Leroy Shafer, the chief operating officer of RodeoHouston, told the media that the girl suffered head, neck and back injuries. He also said she was treated for a contusion on her head and abrasions on her face, according to New York Daily News.

The girl's name was not released but reports are that she is recovering at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. She was riding with her 8-year-old brother and their mother decided to get off the ride just before it started, ABC News reported.

Officials had to shut down the ride for hours following the accident and later announced the height requirement changes.

We're now telling our ride operator, if it's someone between 42 and 48 inches, let's be sure the other person is an adult, Shafer said. He also said the girl did in fact meet the height requirements for the ride, but that she should not have been allowed to ride without an adult.

ABC News noted that KTRK reported that the ride had passed a safety inspection the day before.

This was a three-year-old without an adult, and we said she came under the bar, she came under the lap restraint, Shafer told KTRK after watching the accident video. I don't think it changes anything.

Reports are that Texas Rep. Garnet Coleman is now pushing legislation that seeks to require traveling carnivals to adhere the same safety standards as those that are permanent.

Clearly there needs to be more scrutiny on traveling amusement rides, Coleman said in a statement, reported by KTRK. This is a yearly story with this particular operator that someone is hurt or killed.

Watch the video from KTRK below: