A young father, who said he heard his daughter being molested, and then pummeled her attacker to death, will not face any charges, prosecutors in Shiner, Texas confirmed. 

On Tuesday, officials said that the grand jury met and discussed the possible indictment against the unidentified 23-year-old father.

The Texas Rangers and the Lavaca County Sheriff completed an extensive investigation into the death of Jesus Flores, and the evidence showed that the use of deadly force was justified, District Attorney Heather McMinn said on Tuesday, according to Reuters. The five-year old had injuries consistent with what her father witnessed.

By declining to indict the father, the grand jury reached the same conclusion as the Lavaca County authorities. They reportedly based part of their decision on a 911 call by the father, which suggested killing the man was unintentional, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

On June 9, the father claims he discovered Jesus Mora Flores molesting his 5-year-old daughter. Flores was a ranch hand and employed by the father. The girl's father pounced on Flores, and began pummeling him to death with his fists, according to reports; however, after the beating, the father called emergency services to save Flores' life, the Associated Press reported.

Come on! This guy is going to die on me! the man is heard screaming on the 911 call, according to the AP. I don't know what to do!

Neighbors and community members were sympathetic to the father.

It's sad a man had to die, said Michael James Veit, 48, who lives across the street from where the attack happened, according to the AP. But I think anybody would have done that.

Veit added that the father had stayed out of trouble most of his life.

Just like a regular kid, went to dances, drank beer like the rest of the kids around here, Veit said.

The father's attorney, V'Anne Huser, said that his client never intended to kill anyone.

He's a peaceable soul, said Huser at the Lavaca County Courthouse. He had no intention to kill anybody that day.

The family ranch is in a remote location of the town. The father can be heard screaming at the dispatcher, who had difficulty locating his property. At one point during the conversation, he told the 911 operator that he would bring the man to the hospital.

He's going to die! the father screams, swearing at the dispatcher. He's going to f------ die!

The father was never arrested for any crime, but the incident was investigated as a possible murder.

Flores' death is the sixth homicide in Lavaca County in the last eight years.

Gail Allen, a local resident, said that she believes that most of the town supported the father.

The father has gone through enough, said Allen, 59, according to the AP. The little girl is going to be traumatized for life, and the father, too, for what happened. He was protecting his family. Any parent would do that.