A nude photo, allegedly of rapper Teyana Taylor, has been leaked online and is currently floating around social media. It is unclear whether the rapper accidentally posted the nude pic or if she was a victim of a hacker.

The photo is a self-shot and a woman with features resembling the rapper can be seen in socks and panties taking the picture of herself.

The leaked nude photo that is spreading, alleging to be the rapper, has drawn mixed reactions from fans. Some think Taylor's phone was stolen, others that she leaked the picture herself.

Here's what the tweets said:

-- I will say this though: Teyana Taylor has a better body than 90% of y'all. Matter fact, the ones attacking the hardest have double chins.

-- Somebody shoulda told Teyana Taylor that #TittyTuesday was yesterday! Lmao

-- Teyana taylor got that track and field body lmaooo and some of yall ladies got the good ol gut lol hating smh at the highest level

-- Erm so sum1 releasing pics of teyana taylor on her twitter cz she lost her phone.. Hott figure! *shrugs* lol

-- Smh Teyana Taylor, she wants attention, but she has gotten the wrong attention.

-- Amma need teyana Taylor to take several seats, nobody stole her phone to release such wack pics, she knows exactly what she's doing

-- Why Teyana Taylor had to put herself out there like that?? i guess she thought her career needed a boost. smh.

-- Welp there went all my respect for teyana taylor smh

-- Teyanna Taylor might have deleted the pics but that picture been saved at least a million times.

Taylor's debut single Google Me was released in 2008 and peaked at No. 90 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

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