Thanksgiving is right around the corner, as well as the endless supply of turkey and pie.

Finding ways to eat less and stay active are few and far between, but a must during this time of year. Below are a few fitness tips that you can take advantage of during the Thanksgiving season.


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Top Thanksgiving Fitness Tips

  1. Take a trip: Plan Thanksgiving somewhere where the entire family can be active (Ski resort).
  2. Drink plenty of water: Staying hydrated is a must and a great way to give your mind and stomach a full sensation.
  3. Eat less, but more often: Eat several smaller meals (smaller portion sizes) throughout the day; this will help keep the metabolism fired up.
  4. Stay active: Go for a walk or bike ride, or plan family activities that engage the family and the heart rate like golf, flag football, tennis, or even a Wii Fitcompetition.
  5. Stay away from the sweets: Excess sugar gets stored as glycogen and excess glycogen is stored as fat in the body.

Reprinted by permission from Dietsinreview

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