Thanksgiving represents a time to be thankful while enjoying a feast. Although some people choose to eat meat, there are others who live by a vegetarian or vegan diet. Even if the host or guests have a restricted diet, there are plenty of ways to satisfy everyone around the table.

Below are six vegetarian and vegan recipes for traditional Thanksgiving foods to serve people on a meatless diet.

1. Stuffing

Stuffing is traditionally delicious and hearty, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy. This cauliflower stuffing contains fresh ingredients like carrots, mushrooms, sage and rosemary. Ditch your traditional bread ingredient and add some cauliflower to your life. Meanwhile, vegans can enjoy this tasty stuffing, which features cornbread, celery and the choice of a vegan buttery spread like Earth Balance or olive oil.

2. Casseroles

Vegetarians can skip the marshmallows and top this yummy sweet potato casserole with pecans and cornflakes. Vegans looking to satisfy their appetite with a tasty casserole can chow down on roasted sweet potato mac and cheese. Grab some lemon juice, chili flakes, nutritional yeast, Dijon mustard and get ready to enjoy this dish in less than 50 minutes.

3. Gravy

Gravy is all about adding flavor to a meal, so don’t be afraid to pour it on everything. Vegetarians can try this delicious caramelized onion gravy recipe, which includes the addition of a bay leaf and soy sauce.  However, vegans and vegetarians can both enjoy this wild mushroom gravy. With ingredients like dry sherry oyster mushrooms, thyme and onions, all a vegan needs to do is swap the butter for Earth Balance or olive oil.

4. Turkey

Typically the center of attention during Thanksgiving, sticking to a meatless menu does not mean you can’t have a protein packed centerpiece. Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy this tofu turkey, but will need to set aside plenty of prep time. Drying out the tofu can take two to three hours, but working on the stuffing while it dries would be a good way to kill time. Those who aren’t in the mood for tofu will especially appreciate eating the leftovers of this chickpea meatloaf, the dish firms up over time creating an enjoyable texture.

5. Dinner Rolls

What is Thanksgiving without a few carbs? These easy rolls can be on the dinner table in 30 minutes. This recipe is easier to make with a stand mixer, but those without one can still make the rolls. Add ingredients to a big bowl and use a large wooden spoon to combine. With the help of almond milk, cane sugar and sea salt, vegans can enjoy buttery rolls as well with this simple recipe.

6. Pie

Apple pie is definitely a must for the dessert menu on Thanksgiving. Peel a few apples, toss in some cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and a few other ingredients for a decadent pie that no vegetarian or meat eater will forget. Add even more sweetness to the table with toasted marshmallow sweet potato pumpkin pie. Topped with vegan mini marshmallows, this pie contains vegan butter, coconut milk yogurt, cinnamon and more.