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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, as well as the endless supply of turkey and pie. Finding ways to eat less and stay active are few and far between, but a must during this time of year. 

Below is an excellent routine that pushes your heart rate, core balance and stability, muscular strength and endurance to the max - just the thing to burn those last pre-holiday pounds, or take off the turkey weight. I recommend using a weight that gets rather difficult around the 10 to 15 repetition range. I also recommend performing three sets of each of the exercises below. Good Luck!!

width=80pxwidth=20pxleg press
width=80pxwidth=20pxsquat jump
width=80pxwidth=20pxsquat and medicine ball side throw
width=80pxwidth=20pxsquat jump
width=80pxwidth=20pxdumbbell step up on bench
width=80pxwidth=20pxdumbbell chest press on stability ball with neutral grip
width=80pxwidth=20pxpushup with rotation
width=80pxwidth=20px1 arm rear shoulder dumbbell plank row with feet on stability ball
width=80pxwidth=20pxstraight arm plank

Reprinted by permission from Dietsinreview

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