ThermoEnergy Corp. is a leading supplier of wastewater recovery technology and systems. The company announced today the introduction of ThermoARP, a new high-efficiency process for recovering nutrients from wastewater.

ThermoARP joins ARP in the company’s family of nutrient recovery technologies. These systems are the most cost-effective solution for nitrogen reduction treatment for both agricultural applications such as poultry and swine production, meat processing and dairy production. It is also an efficient solution for many other applications including industrial process wastewater, landfill leachate and municipal sidestream treatment.

Regarding ThermoARP, it is specifically designed for use with agricultural, industrial and municipal anaerobic digesters where the wastewater stream may require a simpler treatment strategy for ammonia removal. This product adds to the company’s ability to address a wide range of ammonia reduction issues across multiple market segments. That is because it is completely different from ARP and takes advantage of conditions typically found in agricultural, industrial and food treatment sites.

ThermoARP, like ARP, recovers nitrogen (but more cost-effectively) in the form of fertilizer that can be reused or sold to create additional revenue opportunities. It uniquely combines heat and flash vacuum distillation to deliver the lowest cost per pound of nitrogen removed compared with any other treatment on the market today.

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