by floodkoff

 It's been a long time since I started blogging and thinking about diet & fitness. I've seen lots of fads, bloggers, books, and techniques come and go. So, now that I'm the grand old age of *cough* late-thirties *cough*, it's time to look back on a few things I've learned.

You might completely disagree, and that's fine. I'm not out to be provocative, but just honest. I've learned that it's a good idea to look after your body, not get too caught up in quick-fixes, and to retain an overall perspective of our place in the world.

So here it is. A brain-dump of diet & fitness trivia, in no particular order.

  • why do TV ads show only women eating yogurt?
  • muscle magazines are big supplement ads and never taught me anything.
  • get professional help when you injure yourself, otherwise when you get older your body will never forget the injury.
  • every time you embark on a dramatic new plan/exercise program -- it will end (sooner or later).
  • the only thing that lasts is lifestyle change.
  • when exercise becomes recreation it becomes fun.
  • don't start doing olympic weight lifting moves when you have hypermobile joints.
  • there will always be revolutionary new diet books, but there will rarely be revolutionary nutrition research.
  • months and months of work making bigger muscles didn't make me a better person.
  • overeating expensive proteins (steak etc) everyday to get big muscles lost its allure once I visited truly poor people in 3rd world countries.
  • you can't change your bone structure.
  • you can't judge someone's strength from their size.
  • you can't judge someone's character from their size.
  • you can't always trust men in white coats.
  • everything is photoshopped.
  • informercials are lies, and most testimonials on informercials are paid wannabe-actors desperate for some TV time
  • eating 5-6x per day made no difference and got me used to eating ALL the time.
  • restricting food always seems to backfire.
  • stopping eating foods you love makes you irritable and angry.
  • eating less of the unhealthy foods is better than trying to stop altogether.
  • taking fruit to work every day is the simplest healthy eating regimen you can do.
  • if you like takeaways - don't stop them. Find the healthiest you can.
  • putting veggies on a kids plate every day for a year doesn't mean they start eating it.
  • tabatas are a great way to work out.
  • seeing my body as just my 'overcoat' made me look after it rather than worship it.
  • there is nothing new (in diet/fitness) - we just re-discover old things from time to time.
  • exercise is good for mental health (not just physical).
  • my body is less forgiving as I get older.
  • the things you obsess over eventually control you.
  • vigorous working out when you're sick is just silly.
  • walking when recuperating is a better idea.
  • we can change. believe it.
  • getting a chilled / filtered water dispenser in your house is the best way to cut down on sugar drinks.
  • experts that write books have struggles too.
  • experts don't have all the answers - sometimes you need to find the answers yourself.
  • not all skinny people are healthy or anywhere near fit.
  • not all fat people are unfit or weak.
  • we place entirely too much emphasis on appearance and not enough on character.
  • no matter how much time+money+cosmetics+surgery you put into your body
  • eventually.
  • gravity.
  • wins.