This is certainly would be one idea to pump up ratings at CNBC....

Please note the analysis going on in the background of this live shot around the 1 minute market in the video below, as this fella's colleague is being interviewed about the Australian interest rate decision earlier this week.

The uh oh look by said gentleman at the 1:30 minute mark, upon discovering an interview was happening behind him, is classic.

2 minute video (email readers will need to come to site ...err)

Via BBC:

  • An Australian banker is in hot water after being filmed looking at semi-nude photos of a model while a colleague was doing a television interview nearby.  He could be seen clicking on photos of Miranda Kerr in the background of the Channel 7 interview on Tuesday with an analyst for Macquarie Private Wealth.
  • Macquarie Private Wealth, however, was not amused and said it was taking the matter very seriously.  (awkward!)  The images of Ms Kerr could clearly be seen during the Channel 7 interview, only at the end of which does the banker turn to the camera and realise he has been filmed.
  • The banker in question, said to be a mid-level client investment manager, has reportedly been meeting executives to determine his future.
*Please note - only as a service to my readers I was forced to do some research on the, til now, unknown to me, Miranda Kerr.