blogYes, it's on all the news programs. We pray that cool heads prevail. Yes oil prices are moving up. But, oil prices are not moving up JUST because of this. Remember, they have been rising for quite a while. Why? James Dale Davidson of Strategic Investment last month said the following:

By signaling his intention to further trash the dollar, Bernanke reminded oil producers that they should not be in a rush to pump out valuable crude oil in ex­change for rapidly inflating U.S. dollars. Consequently, oil prices shot up as oil producers and investors con­cluded that holding oil makes more sense than holding U.S. dollar cash balances. Consider this carefully. It is a leading indicator of hyperinflation in your future, as prices rise not from enhanced demand but because of growing revulsion against the currency that is being trashed by the policy of the Obama Administration and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Did you get that? You are currently watching an indicator of hyperinflation in your future! How to protect? Physical gold from Lear Capital, of course! Call Lear Capital today!