The third Volkswagen crashed at Queensboro Bridge, Saturday May 14, landing on top of a livery cab, leaving their drivers miraculously alive.

Early Saturday morning, around 6 a.m., a speeding 2007 Volkswagen golf lost control, as it veered from the Queensboro Bridge, going down the exit ramp into Queens, and crashed into a scaffolding outside 25-04 Queens Plaza South. The car flipped up into the air, and landed on a livery cab. It happened at the exact same curve where two deadly car crashes occurred in the past two months.

One woman luckily exited the cab just before the crash. I was coming out of the cab, and as soon as I walked out I heard... defintely screeching sound, and I saw this car crashing right at me, she said. It was already way out of control. She was still in shock, reminded of the previous incidents that had happened at the same spot, and their tragic consequences.

The passengers on the Volkeswagen were brought to New York Presvyterian Hospital, and suffered with minor injuries, the Police said.

A witness of the crash said, They were coming from the city and they were going very fast, speeding, like at least 60 miles per hour, said New York Daily News.

The Queensboro exit ramp was the exact same spot for two other accidents. On March 28, a car crashing the ramp claimed the life of a taxi driver on the sidewalk and an arm of the driver. A woman died when her car lost control at the ramp, slamming into 2 storefronts on April 6.

New signs and rumble strips were added to the Queensboro Bridge, but the neighborhood is not satisfied with the dangerous

New signs and rumble strips had been added to the ramp since the past crashes, but they are apparently not enough. The Department of Transportation says it plans to examine the ramp to improve its safety.

The notorious Queens Boro bridge offramp was the scene of a freakish accident involving a 3rd volkswagen. early Saturday morning a speeding 2007 Volkswagen golf lost control as it went down the outer ramp into Queens and hit a scaffolding outside 25-04 Queens Plaza South and flipped up into the air before landing on a parked livery cab. the speeding car careened off the ramp at the same exact curve where 2 other deadly car crashes happened in the last 2 months. The driver was taken to new york presbyterian hospital with minor injuries, according to police.

The off-ramp of doom claimed the lives of 2 others in similar accidents earlier this year. 
In April, Beatrice Rodriguez was in a car that lost control coming off the ramp and careened off of Queens Plaza South into 2 storefronts. The mother of 2 died of her injuries on April 7th.
On March 28th, a similar accident claimed the life of a pedestrian after an out of control car sped off the ramp and rammed into him. the driver, Grant Radel suffered a severed arm. 
Ironically, the grisly accidents all involve volkswagens.
This is Peter Kong for the New York Post.