A one-legged millionaire was sentenced to 60 days in jail yesterday after he clocked an ex-stripper in the head with his Rolex watch one night in April 2010 after leaving an Upper East Side bar. 

Thomas Hartmann, who lost his leg while working at a construction company, wiped away a tear as the sentence was read.

The woman he hit, Russian-born Sophia Kandelaki, testified last month, saying that the the duo had left the bar together but Hartmann had given her a $100 bill for the cab ride home. She said she jokingly asked for more, at which point he hit her in the face with the watch. 

According to court reports, Kandelaki required 16 stitches to close the gash.

Hartmann's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, claimed that Kandelaki was a hustler trying to rob him and that Hartmann, unsteady from his prosthetic leg, had accidentally hit her with his watch as he struggled to regain his balance. 

Hartmann will turn himself in Friday morning to begin serving his 60-day term in prison.