The UpTurn, Inc., an innovative company operating an online destination ( where industry professionals, homeowners, sellers and seekers can be intelligently matched for their real estate needs, announced after the closing bell today that it has entered into an agreement with Thoughtbot to develop on the Ruby on Rails platform, the same platform that the highly successful was built upon.

Thoughtbot, an advanced technology consulting firm, provides a range of web application development and design services, creating dynamic content management systems and designing consumer-driven applications for the digital age. The consulting firm’s recent successes include Hoptoad, a service for web designers to gather performance metrics and trends for the web applications they produce, and Gradefund, a website that funds college tuition by allowing people to pledge money to the student based on academic excellence. Specializing in the Ruby on Rails platform, Thoughtbot has produced several open source applications that run off it.

Jeffrey M. Eckman, CEO of The UpTurn, Inc., stated, “We engaged Thoughtbot, in part, due to their rapid development methodology, which will enable us not only to develop and get to market rapidly, but also allow for rapid changes as our customers demand them. Traditional web development processes don’t necessarily allow for that level of responsiveness. Thoughtbot shares our mission to create a compelling, powerful, online real estate experience and to add value for our consumer and professional customers.”

“Developing on Ruby on Rails will also allow us to remain lean on our development, and later on our operational requirements, Mr. Eckman added. “Ultimately, this will enable us to achieve our revenue and profitability objectives.”

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