Roughly 10,000 individuals participated in a re-enactment to mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War's Battle of Bull Run this past weekend.

Recorded temperatures hovered around 80 degrees Fahrenheit back in 1861, when the North and South clashed in what is now Manassas, Virginia during the Civil War's first major land battle. This past weekend, temperatures soared to triple digits with a heat index reaching 115 degrees.

That didn't stop the dedicated wool-clad Civil War re-enactors from staging a mighty battle.

A few hundred Civil War re-enactors, including cavalry members on horseback, bands playing Civil War era tunes, and ladies wearing hoop skirts and carrying parasols, marched through Old Town Manassas Friday morning, marking the start of the Civil War military parade.

The battle soon commenced at a nearby field. Here's a look at the event:

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