If a Los Angeles woman is telling the truth, then actress Amanda Bynes has once again found herself in trouble with the law over a hit and run. Bynes has been involved in not one, not two, but a whopping three hit and run incidents within the past three months.

TMZ is reporting that on Saturday, August 4, Bynes rear ended a woman named Kisa on Ventura Blvd. Kisa, who was driving a Toyota Corolla, told TMZ that a black BMW belonging to the former "All That" star rear-ended her.

According to the victim, Bynes "looked like a hot mess," but recognized the starlet when she began to talk. Kisa claims that after a short conversation Bynes drove away after becoming "nervous." The actress had told the victim that the damage to the Corolla didn't look bad, and left without exchanging any insurance information.

Kisa filed a hit and run report with the police. After telling a police officer it was Bynes, the officer reportedly responded, "Didn't she just get a DUI?"

Amanda Bynes has had a rocky start to 2012. She indeed did pick up a DUI this past April when she swiped a right rear panel on a cop car at 3 a.m. The police officer proceeded to pull her over where she was arrested for driving under the influence and held on a $5,000 bail. According to Fox News, the actress pled not guilty.

A month before her DUI incident, Bynes was pulled over for talking on her cell phone. While a common ticket, Bynes made headlines when she drove away from the scene will the police officer was still writing the ticket.

As for hit and runs, the August 4 incident does mark Amanda Bynes third accusation within three months. The first account stems from May 5, when a man claimed he got swiped by Bynes near the intersection of Crescent Heights and Melrose Blvd. Bynes had avoided a citation. The actress avoided another citation when no witnesses could place her as the driver who hit a car on the 101 Freeway.

To see the photos stemming from Amanda Bynes most recent hit and run accusation click here.

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