Three worlds records or ever time high today. Is today the black Friday or just the start of the world economy crisis? On the market this morning there are three new records. The record level of EURUSD that is in progress at the moment as still is not known where will stop at 1.4370, 1.44 or 1.50. The second the oil prices so fast break above $90 that this level $90 is so low as many investors will buy for the expecting jump to $100. At the moment the Light Crude Oil in New York is at $92 and it seems would not stop easy. $100 for the barrel forecasting for the New Year probably will happen earlier and for the New Year and the start of 2008 the Crude Oil will be trading at $105-$110. The third all time record on the markets today is the Gold at $778 and is in progress for levels above the psychological level of $800.