A three-week-old baby, who was taken from her house in Long Beach, California, after her parents and uncle were shot and injured by an unknown attacker on Saturday, was reportedly found dead in a dumpster, about 100 miles south, in San Diego County on Sunday.

Long Beach police officials confirmed the body to be of Eliza Delacruz, who was taken from her uncle and parents after they suffered gunshot wounds, ABC News reported, adding that a homeless man found the baby lying face down in the dumpster. Long Beach police, in a statement, said that its preliminary investigations showed that the suspect is a male with dark skin, “possibly Hispanic or African-American.” However, the relationship between the suspect and the victims is not yet clear.

"It appears to be very personal," Lt. Lloyd Cox, an official from Long Beach police said, according to ABC News, adding: "It was not a random act that someone just picked this house to kidnap an infant from."

The mother and uncle of the baby are still in critical condition but the father of the child has been released, ABC News reported. Police officials are currently investigating the motive behind the attack on the family.

“The suspect who committed these horrific crimes remains outstanding. No one has come forward with information,” Long Beach police department said, in a statement, adding: “Long Beach Police will continue to aggressively investigate and pursue any lead to locate the suspect. No motive for the heinous crimes has been determined.”

Evelyn Eves, a neighbor said, according to ABC News: "We haven't had any break-ins or anything like that at since I've been here for 20 years."