Advertisers offering weight-loss programs, health-diets and a multitude or products have become a common sight across television channels and local newspapers. Despite regular warnings put out by the Department of Health and Human Services, the average American home continues to be a huge attraction for companies selling these weight-loss dreams.

For, they know for sure that people seeking to lose weight often go after dangerous fad diets and metabolism boosting pills instead of following the tried and tested practice of calorie restriction and exercise to deliver sustainable results. In fact, health experts warn that short-term weight loss could be more harmful due to toxins released during the yo-yo diet cycles.

In addition to a balanced diet, the best way forward to cut down on excess fat is to exercise. Just as you move from a high fat diet to one that is nutrient rich and high on fiber like raw greens and vegetables, it is also critical to pick out an exercising regimen that helps you consistently reduce fat.

The ideal way forward is to combine resistance and cardio exercises on alternating days. Not only will these keep motivation levels high, the results too will be sustainable. We present three specific weight loss exercises designed to deliver sustained results: 

  1. Resistance training exercises: Aimed to build muscle and burn fat, these set of exercises use weight machines or free weights. By taking up a 20-minute workout plan across multi-rep routines that helps work out all major muscle groups, you could gain health benefits that a 45-minute cardio workout would have produced.
  2. Free-weight exercises: These are constant resistance exercises where one typically uses one or two hand-held weights or barbells. This mode of exercising is quite popular as they require minimal cost and can be performed in one's living room. Body areas like the arms, legs, chest and abdomen can be worked out through these. Be sure to carry out a 5-minute warm up stretch before taking up these exercises to avoid muscle injury of any kind.
  3. Resistance band workouts: Yet another popular form of training, resistance workout uses elastic bands to flex and build muscle. These exercises are ideal for performing anywhere and provide spot toning of specific body parts. While several expensive machines are available in the market, it is best to use low cost bands offering between five to 300 pounds resistance.