Thresher Industries, Inc., a manufacturer focused on precision recycled aluminum and advanced metal matrix composite parts, announced that it has shipped an order for cast aluminum parts as requested by Onodi Tool & Engineering Company, a privately-held manufacturer and assembler serving the United States Government and Tier One combat vehicle manufacturers since the early 1970’s.

Tom Flessner, CEO and President of Thresher Industries, stated, “We shipped our first Onodi Tool & Engineering order in late 2004 and they have been a customer since our inception. We have seen a steady increase in quote activity from Onodi. We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Onodi upon completion of this order. We are supplying a number of quotes to the company now, and anticipate securing additional orders from Onodi later this year. ”

“The lightweight, reinforced strength of our 100% recycled aluminum castings are ideal for military vehicle use,” Flessner added. “Our parts can help decrease vehicle weight, which in turn allows for heavier armor application and cut costs, while promoting a cleaner, greener environment. Thresher is equipped to overcome the toughest challenges facing manufacturers today, including meeting the mission-critical requirements of the U.S. Military.”

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