Thresher Industries, an advanced technology aluminum castings company out of Hanford, California, is a good example of the old business truism: People Are The Company. In an intensely competitive industry, during critical economic times, Thresher has never lost sight of the basics represented in its stated mission to provide every customer, big or small, with innovative and quality solutions at fair prices. They continue to grow their business by developing cutting edge technologies and materials, including their own proprietary Direct Metal Induction Cast Process and their Nautilus Core Process, all of which results in more flexible, cost effective, and environmentally friendly casting.

At the heart of the company is its management team, comprising an impressive record of business achievement and dedication.

• Tom Flessner, CEO, has an extensive background in die-casting and foundry management, as well as turning around distressed manufacturing companies. In 1991, he implemented a successful turnaround of Puget Cast Products Casting Division in Tacoma, Washington, and later Allied Die Castings in North Carolina. He later directed Alyn Corporation’s Precision Pressure Cast Division and was instrumental in building their casting department. He has worked with businesses attracting such customers as General Motors and Buell.

• Ed Gardner, Chairman of the Board, has more than 20 years of quality and manufacturing experience, including work as Corporate Quality Director at Greene Tweed, and Global Quality Systems leader at Owens Corning where he initiated their worldwide Quality Management System. Earlier quality experience includes work with Holley Performance Products, Allied Signal, and Warn Industries. Besides having an MBA from Willamette University in Oregon, he is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Belt holder, awarded for achievement in business quality, and is pursuing his Master Black Belt Certification.

• Roger Rowell, CFO, at the of 24, as Managing General Partner of The Rowell Company, took an office building with 27% occupancy to 100% at the time of sale. He is also Managing General Partner of Temecula Ranchos, gaining experience handling all financial and operational aspects of one of the largest grapefruit producers in California, and also serves as President of Mahowell Services, handling real estate acquisitions. He recently left his financial advisor role at Merrill Lynch to become CFO of Thresher.

• Kevin Weeks, Director, started his own multi-line insurance agency in the Chicago area, stepping away from daily operations in 1990, and completing a turnaround in the corporate agency that he was employed with. In 1995, Kevin relinquished management of that agency back to the corporation he currently supervises. He has also been contracted to various agencies and organizations for leadership and motivational instruction.

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