Thresher produces aluminum and composite castings at its Hanford Foundry, an 18,000-ft2 permanent-mold casting operation, with finishing equipment, tool storage facilities, a small maintenance department, quality assurance department with surface plates, hand measuring equipment, file storage and offices for engineering and production control. The building is currently being completely remodeled by the owner with new paint and parking areas being resurfaced.

Headquartered in Hanford, California, within the Kings County Enterprise Zone, the company enjoys the advantages of a moderate climate, excellent local government support, and programs designed to enhance Kings County's business environment. More specifically, Thresher is located within a state enterprise zone, a recycling market development zone, a foreign trade zone, and an SBA HUB Zone for contract preferences.

The company's equipment consists of tilt machines for perm mold casting, five melt furnaces all gas fired, low volume heat treat capability, grinders, sanders and band saw for finishing as well as limited sand casting capability for prototype use. All batches or melts are 100% tested for out-gassing, and spectrographic samples are taken and inventoried for analysis by Thresher's outside test lab, which is located only 30 minutes from its manufacturing facility.

Thresher also has the equipment needed to produce metal matrix composite alloy on site. The equipment is setup in the Composite Manufacturing Department with a dedicated 1,000 pound furnace and a proprietary piece of equipment.

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