Brazilian actor Tiago Klimeck accidently hanged himself while enacting the suicide of Judas Iscariot during a performance of an Easter Passion Play on Good Friday. He died Sunday. 

Klimeck, 27 was hanging for four minutes onstage before fellow thespians realized something was wrong. By the time he was taken down from the apparatus he was already unconscious.

He was rushed to the hospital but died Sunday, reported BBC. Scans found that he suffered from cerebral anoxia due to the lack of oxygen going to his brain. He remained in coma on life support before the machine was switched off Sunday.

The incident took place while Klimeck was performing the scene in which Judas commits suicide  after betraying Jesus Christ to the Romans.

The Huffington Post UK reported that the safety vest Klimeck was wearing under his robe rode up around his neck, strangling him.

Investigators believe the rope attached to the apparatus Klimeck was hanging from may have been tied incorrectly. Investigators are not sure if they will file charges.

The play was being performed at a theater in Itarare, west of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

An autopsy will take place Monday.

The Easter Passion Play is performed every year throughout Brazil, with the biggest show in Pernambuco.

Klimeck was performing in an open-air theater at the time of the incident on April 6.