Tickets for the FIFA 2014 World Cup went on sale Tuesday, with tickets ranging from $90 for disabled access seats for group games to $990 for a top seat at the finals of the Brazil World Cup, which will be held in Rio De Janeiro.

In other words, this will be the most expensive tournament to attend in the history of the competitionThis year marks 20th World Cup tournament. Brazil has won the competition five times.

But don't expect the high prices to stifle demand. According to FIFA, approximately 23.4 million applicants will apply for 3.3 million tickets for the 64-match tournament, significantly more than the 2 million that were sold to the general public in South Africa in 2010.

"It's always difficult to predict," said Thierry Weil, marketing director for FIFA, which stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association. "But I truly believe that it will be more toward to what happened in Germany [in 2006] than in South Africa in 2010."

Initial applications made after Oct.10 will enter a random selection drawing if there are not enough tickets to meet specific requests, which means the likelihood of actually getting to see your preferred national team compete is slim. However, team-specific packages exist, allowing you to follow your team from the start of the tournament to the final, should they make it, for $2,998. If your team doesn’t make it through the six matches to the 7th game final, a refund is available.

Specialized tickets for Brazilian citizens over 60, local students and members of some social programs can be purchased tickets for $15.