If a tiger (king of the jungle) were to fight a lion (king of the prairie), who would win?  This question has been debated countless time.  Driven by popular demand, many ‘experts’ have weighed in over the years. 

This video is an effort from the Animal Planet, which simulated the fight using computers and gave the victory to the lion.

The argument used by Animal Planet (and many other ‘experts’) is that lions are more experienced.  Indeed, fighting other lions is a part of life while physical confrontations in a tiger’s life usually involve hunting preys.

Moreover, they argue the lion’s mane will protect its neck against the tiger’s attacks.

Now, a real recorded case of confrontation may contradict those arguments.

A Bengal tiger at the Turkish Ankara Zoo reportedly killed a lion with a single swipe of its claw.  The blow cut the lion’s jugular vein.  Severely injured, the lion died later.

The blow was delivered by the tiger through a gap in the fence that separate the tigers from the lions.