Athletes are beloved by millions of fans in the United States, but that doesn't mean some of them aren't hated too.

The New York Post recently released its list of the 10 most hated people in America. Three people from the world of sports had the dubious honor of being selected.

Tiger Woods came in at number nine, according to the Post. Woods is one of the most popular name in sports, but is hated by many. The golfer has often been criticized for cursing on the golf course or treating the media unfairly, but it's likely his infidelity scandal from 2009 that has him on the list.

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky comes in at number six. Sandusky was largely unknown a year ago, but made national headlines when he was charged with 52 counts of child molestation.

The sports figure to rank highest on the list is O.J. Simpson. The former star running back is infamous for being accused of killing his wife in 1994. He ranks fourth on the paper's list.

According to the Post, politician John Edwards in the most hated person in America. He's followed by Bernie Madoff and Casey Anthony.

Kim Kardashian, former wife of NBA player Kris Humphries, came in at number seven.