In the past year, Tiger Woods has had his share of problems, on and off the golf course.

But now, video game and golf enthusiasts can enjoy reliving Woods's four wins at the Masters -- the good times for Woods.

That's right, you can relive Woods's greatest moments without all of the messy personal details. Heck, Tiger himself would want to play this game.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 is a great game for a variety of reasons, and you don't have to be a golf fan or a video game geek to enjoy it. Yes, EA Sports has done it again.

1) There's an in-game caddie. If you're new to golf, this caddie can be of great help. But just because he give you tips doesn't mean they're going to work.

2) Masters Moments. It's a feature where you recreate nine different moments at the Masters, and even play as Woods through his four Tournament wins at Augusta. Your job is to beat or match his score.

3) Tiger at the Masters. As previously mentioned, reliving Tiger's moments at the Masters is a fun feature. The idea that it's just the Masters makes this version better than past versions.

4) There are course markings. Just like at the Masters, the game lets you know how far you will follow a drive.

5) The gameplay is similar to past Tiger Woods' video games. That's how it should be because there was nothing wrong with the former ones.

6) Jim Nantz. His calm and sultry voice is a pleasure to listen to. Sometimes hearing Nantz while you're playing can be annoying because he gets repetitive, but it's still a cool bonus.  And he doesn't have Clark Kellogg next to him like he does for the March Madness, so that's a plus.

7) The Wii version has disc golf. Are you kidding me? What a great feature! The Wii version also has Balance Board support to measure your feet placement.

8) Novices get assistance. This isn't a pain to play if you haven't played golf before, or you're not a video game enthusiast.

This game is basically the same as last year's game, but the extra stuff that comes with this version makes it better. The graphics are exceptional, as well.

Grade: 4.5 stars out of 5.