After a slew of speculations about the iPhone 5 release crowded the Web, several media reports indicated that Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook will unveil iPhone 5 at a special event on October 4 in Apple’s Cupertino Campus.

This is set to be Tim Cook’s first major product launch as Apple’s CEO since Steve Jobs' exit last month.

According to a report by All Things Digital, Apple is expected to organize its media event for the upcoming iPhone 5 on October 4.

Apple’s plan to launch the phone at the Town Hall Auditorium comes as a surprise as most of the tech product launches take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

The reasons behind the deviation is not clear but Mashable reports that with the new leadership of Tim Cook, there are bound to be some changes in the way Apple introduces products.

The Wi-Fi or cellular bandwidth connection in the Cupertino campus is better than YBCA helping Apple to demonstrate its wares better.

The event has the potential to reflect on Tim Cook’s qualities as the CEO and if the iPhone 5 does not come with highly improved specifications, it could backfire on him.

However, there is still no word about when the iPhone 5 will hit the retail stores.

According to some media reports Apple employees have been blocked from taking leaves from Oct. 9-12 and from Oct. 14-15, indicating the phone might hit the stores at the time.

Sprint, which is expected to power iPhone 5, had earlier hinted towards a mid-October release. Sprint is offering an unlimited data service plan to lure the consumers away from AT&T and Verizon who are selling the iPhone currently.

T-Mobile's Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman said that company isn't getting the iPhone anytime this year, according to a PC Magazine report.

iPhone 5 is expected to come with an A5 dual-core processor powered by iOS 5, which was announced at WWDC 2011. It will support 8 megapixel camera and perhaps a Qualcomm mobile phone chip. The phone is probably not going to support 4G, as it will violate Apple’s design criteria. iPhone 5 will not support Near Field Communication soon.