The rumors about Tim Tebow's love life keep swirling around, but the new New York Jets player can only laugh.

Tebow addressed the nuttiness in an interview with Good Morning America.

It's funny because...half the rumors...I've never even met the people, he told GMA's Robin Roberts. I'm sure they would be lovely.

The people, meaning the ladies to whom he's been linked, include pop country singer Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron of Glee.

Agron denied the dating rumors during a recent apperance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! She said she and Tebow did meet.

I had a lovely 10-minute chat with him, she told Kimmel.

But that was it.

Tebow's mom was by his side for part of the GMA interview. She said her religious faith mattered a great deal when she was pregnant with him. The pregnancy outlook was so bad that doctors recommended she get an abortion.

I was told to abort him and I didn't, his mother said.

It all turned out well, but Tebow revealed that his siblings originally thought he was a tumor while his mother was pregnant with him, so they came up with a nickname for the future footballer: Timmy the Tumor.

Nothing like sibling love!