Tim Tebow for President? A new Reuters poll reveals that the Broncos quarterback would be the most popular presidential candidate among NFL QBs. 

And Tim Tebow seems to be pretty cool with that, as he told Reuters on the sidelines before Super Bowl 2012 in Indianapolis.

For all the support I'm very appreciative, it means a lot, the Denver QB told Reuters, adding that he would possibly be open to a political career: Maybe one day in the future, not right now though.

Tim Tebow for President of the United States may seem like an off-beat concept for a Christian-themed movie, but if a Friday Reuters/Ipsos poll of likely voters is any indication, he would pick up more votes than any other NFL quarterback. In fact, one-quarter of the likely voters surveyed said they would go with Tim Tebow for President, before they'd look to Super Bowl 2012 MVP and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Super Bowl 2012 loser and New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, or any of the league's other star field generals.

Tim Tebow has become very popular because of his star performance this year, taking the Denver Broncos to the NFL Playoffs, but also because of his Christian lifestyle and zeal, virginity an his celbratory touchdown pose called Tebowing, in which he takes a knee in prayer when the Broncos make a big TD.

The Reuters survey was conducted online with 2,475 likely voters. Manning was the second-place choice, and Brady came in third in the ranking of most-presidential NFL quarterbacks.

Tebow was the first choice of likely Republican voters in the poll, pulling in 39 percent of their votes, but he was second among Democrats (to Manning) and third among independents. He was also the first choice of every age group except for voters between the ages of 45 and 54, who went overwhelmingly with Manning. Tim Tebow was also the favorite candidate of whites, Hispanics, men and women.

And pundits seem to agree that Tim Tebow for President is a better ticket than a Brady bid:

He has got a stronger base than any other quarterback. Brady may be the best known but in a Republican primary, Tebow would crush him - religious conservatives, economic conservatives and football fans, Republican strategist Frank Luntz told Reuters.

Though Tim Tebow, at only 24 years old (meaning that under the Constitution he cannot be president because the minimum age is 35), is ineligible to be president, he may have a White House bid in him if he continues to be so popular for a decade.