The Broncos have seemingly come out of nowhere to be one of the leading candidates to sign Peyton Manning.

If Denver ends up signing the veteran, they may be looking to deal Tim Tebow. The Broncos would have little use for him with Manning at the helm, and Tebow could have a lot of value on the trade market.

Not only did he help the Broncos win last season, but he was probably the most popular player in the NFL.

If Manning decides to play for Denver, where might Tebow end up?

Here are the most likely teams Tebow would play for if Manning choses Denver:

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins need a quarterback for next season.

If Manning falls out of the picture, they're going to look to make a splash somewhere else. If they don't decide to go after Matt Flynn, Tebow could be their number one target if he becomes available.

Miami saw what Tebow could do firsthand as he helped lead the Broncos to a win over the Dolphins in his first start of 2011. Tebow also has a big fan base among Dolphin fans because he played his college ball at Florida.

Miami honored Tebow's 2009 National Championship Team before the game started on Oct. 23.

Some fan bases might need some convincing if their team brought in the quarterback with the worst completion percentage in the league. The Dolphin faithful would not be as slow to get on board.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars, like the Dolphins, would benefit greatly from having Tebow return to Florida. In fact, it would mean more to Jacksonville than it would to Miami.

The team was recently sold to Shahid Khan. Khan has denied reports that he will try to relocate the club to Los Angeles. If he plans to keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville, he's going to have to get the city more excited about the team.

Bringing in Tebow would certainly do the trick.

Jacksonville drafted quarterback Blaine Gabbert a year ago, but he did not perform well. He only has one season under his belt, but Gabbert played poorly in a season that saw virtually every rookie quarterback have some success.

It wouldn't be a shocker to see the Jaguars make a move to inject some life into the third-smallest market in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Cassel has not been what the Chiefs had hoped when they acquired him in 2009 from the Patriots.

Besides his Pro Bowl season in 2010, the quarterback has a combined 26 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. Kansas City owes him a lot of money over the next three years and may decide to cut him and take a chance on Tebow.

The Chiefs have better young offensive weapons than the Broncos, and Tebow might have more success with Dwayne Bowe as his number one wide receiver.

Denver might be leery of trading Tebow to a division rival, but it doesn't seem like Denver thinks very highly of their quarterback anyway.

Seattle Seahawks

In 2011, the Seahawks had a decent season with a very unimpressive quarterback.

Tavaris Jackson helped Seattle win more games than many people expected, but he is very replaceable. Jackson threw just one more touchdown than interception, and is not considered by any experts to be one of the league's better quarterbacks.

Seattle was curious about Tebow prior to the 2010 Draft, and their interest could be peaked again.

Tebow would fit in well with Seattle. They're coached by Pete Carroll, who had incredible success at USC.

Teaming one of the most successful college coaches of all time with one of the best college players of all time would be an intriguing proposition that Seattle would at least have to think about.