Tim Tebow to the Jets? Not so fast.

Tebow, the Denver Broncos quarterback who became a folk hero for his come-from-behind victories last year, was on his way to the Jets after Gang Green agreed to trade for him, but contract talks have hit a snag, the Denver Post reported.

Earlier reports indicated the Jets agreed to give Denver two draft picks -- a fourth-rounder and a seventh-rounder -- in exchange for Tebow, who became expendable after the Broncos signed free agent quarterback Peyton Manning Tuesday to a five-year, $96 million deal.

But Tebow's contract says any team acquiring him must kick back more than $5 million to the Broncos in advanced salaries from the 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons, an NFL source told the Denver Post. That stipulation may break up the deal.

The Jets reportedly did not read Tebow's contract before agreeing to the deal.

Multiple sources have indicated that the Jets front office agreed to the deal and then raised objections after thoroughly reading the contract, Yahoo! Sports reported.

Fans of the Jets and the NFL in general were tearing into Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum on Twitter after they learned he didn't read Tebow's contract.

Seriously, how does Mike Tannenbaum have a job after today? said @cmccollo.

Mike Tannenbaum NYJ GM should be hiding under a desk after that Tebow fiasco. #Don'tdoyourjob, tweeted @tomwatsonpats.

Twitter user @TMOluvsFball said the Jets should see the silver lining in the Tebow-to-the-Jets development.

If I'm Mike Tannenbaum, I would look at this snag in the Tebow trade as a sign to NOT acquire him #Jets, she said.

How does mike tannenbaum keep his job?, said @jaydestro.