Tim Tebow is the Justin Bieber of the NFL.

At least that's what NFL linebacker Joey Porter thinks of Tebow, who is being shopped around by the Denver Broncos following their signing yesterday of quarterback Peyton Manning.

Anybody who brings [Tebow] in right now, you would think they're trying to do it for ticket sales, Porter said Monday on the NFL Network's NFL Total Access, USA Today reported. So it's just like, it's good to have a Justin Bieber because you're gonna get a whole of [fans]. That's what I compare it to. He's the Justin Bieber of the NFL.

Trade rumors on Tebow are flying, with the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and Green Bay Packers reportedly interested in the Denver quarterback, according to SBNation.com.  

Tebow became expendable after the Broncos signed quarterback Peyton Manning yesterday to a five-year, $96 million contract.

Porter, who is currently a free agent, continued his slamming of Tebow, criticizing the quarterback for what Porter perceives is Tebow's lack of fundamental quarterbacking skills. He also said Denver's success last year was not all due to Tebow.

Everybody had Tebow fever last year, you know what I mean? They went crazy for what he did. I mean, but it's not like he really won games the traditional way, Porter said. He won eight games, and the way he did it was a lot of good defense, a lot of good plays, onside kick, field goal kicker had the best year he ever had.

Porter became a trending topic Tuesday on Twitter.

Joey Porter called Tim Tebow the Justin Bieber of the NFL... I have to say I couldn't agree more, tweeted @Spencycle.

He hit it right on the head, @ctad2002 said of Porter.

Comedy duo and brothers Randy and Jason Sklar joked that that the comparison is not accurate.

Tebow can sing, the brothers said on their Twitter handle, @SklarBrothers.

Twitter user @groovychristian said he believed Porter should shut his mouth.

Here's the funny thing...I bet Tebow could play LB better than Joey Porter right now. LOL, @groovychristian said.