The Jaguars and Dolphins seem to be the obvious places for Tim Tebow to land.

Both teams are based in Florida, where Tebow played college football. Perhaps more important, Jacksonville and Miami don't have stable quarterbacks.

The Jaguars drafted Blaine Gabbert last year, but he didn't prove that he can be a quality starter in the NFL. The Dolphins started Matt Moore, who has never been considered a franchise quarterback.

Now, rumors are floating that a few teams with established quarterbacks could be in the Tebow sweepstakes as well.

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Packers and 49ers could be in the running to trade for him.

Green Bay has the 2011 NFL MVP in Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. Tebow wouldn't be the starter for the Packers, but he could serve as a backup.

San Francisco is currently without a starting quarterback. Alex Smith is currently a free agent, and is considering signing with Miami after the 49ers attempted to sign Peyton Manning. The 49ers have made Smith an offer, but reports say Smith is seriously considering leaving the Bay Area.

Would the 49ers try to make Tim Tebow their starting quarterback if Smith decided to play for the Dolphins?

It's not unfathomable to think San Francisco would make Tebow their No. 1 quarterback. Before Jim Harbaugh took over as the 49ers head coach, Alex Smith was considered to be a bust. He hadn't attained much success since being drafted first overall in 2005, and many felt he would never be a successful quarterback.

Under Harbaugh's tutelage, Smith helped lead San Francisco to the NFC Championship Game. It wouldn't be impossible for Tebow to have a similar success.

For all the criticisms of Tebow, he still led Denver to an AFC West title and a playoff win. Smith was very successful with San Francisco, but didn't put up big numbers. He completed 17 touchdowns and threw five interceptions last season.

Tebow is not a great passer, but he doesn't throw many interceptions. He had just six all of last year.

Even if the 49ers re-sign Smith, it's possible San Francisco could want Tebow as a backup as well.

According to Pro Football Talk, Tebow would like to be traded to a team in Florida.