Once upon a time, the worst driving habit that people displayed was not using their indicators when changing lanes. It annoyed us, normally when behind a man in a bmw, but it was just an aggravation. Nowadays, road rage is prevalent and getting in your car can be like dicing with death.

1) Everyone else drives badly – if you assume everyone else is going to be doing something dangerous, then the chances are that you will be more prepared when someone does. Keep an eye on potential hazards around and ahead of you. If necessary, use your horn. It was put there to alert people that you are there if they are driving without due care and attention. It might make them realise.

2) Open your eyes – read signs around you, watch other people than just in front of you, and keep an eye on the road for potential hazards.

3) Keep a good distance from the driver in front – if you give yourself some space, then you also buy yourself time. Keeping a fair distance behind the guy in front means you can react and not drive into the back of them. Don't forget that the distance needs to be changed depending on the weather condition, but remember what your driving instructor told you; if you can't see the tyres and tarmac in front then you are too close.

4) Use your seat belt – seems like a bit of a no brainer but studies show that people tend to have accidents closer to their houses, which means that that pint of milk may be more dangerous than you think.

5) Don't fight – just be calm. If someone cuts you up, ignore them, don't flash your lights madly or tailgate them. It's not courteous, and will invariably end up with trouble.

All in all, be cautious of other drivers. To keep your no claims bonus on your Car Insurance, you want to avoid accidents at all costs.