Buying a used car, manifests more hard work and more acts than purchasing a new car. Almost 35percent of the world strength wish buying a used car than buying a new car. In this article we will spotlight on the tips for buying a used car.

Choose your car

Your price and your Requirement: While buying anything, everybody will have a budget, and one will try to settle in that budget. So the most important key tip for buying your car is to fix the budget. This enables filtering your search by excluding all the cars which are not within your Price. The next thing is to analyze your need, which car suits you the best. Whether a 4*4 sedan or a luxury or a short family vehicle.

Interior and Exterior situation: You should give a complete look on interior and exterior conditions of the car, like engine number, any oil leakage, wheels, body style and body condition, steering, seats etc

Short listing: Once you have decided your price and your requirement, then the next action is to short list your car. It is advisable that before short listing, you should do a bit market research. This step includes examining the best suited price from different sources like reading news paper and the best option to do market research is online research as now most dealers like online selling through classifieds or some other online source.

Car history: Check for the recent history, like is it associated in any road accidents or any seize case or any fraud case.

Choosing the best dealer: In traditional style when we think to buy a used car we read news paper, but the best option is to search online. Most of the branded automobile dealers like Toyota, Hyundai, Tata have their own division of Used car. So one can now inquire online about the Price and complete details.

You can also surf internet for used car dealers, and should select only with the one who has a huge range of cars available.

You can also accordingly reach the best dealers in your city. One thing to remember that when you are buying personally you should take the expert who has the sound knowledge.

Check out for any classifieds related to used cars, the possibility is that you get in a chance.

When everything is fine for all the above situations you can go ahead for your dream car.

You can also consider Classified ads as the best option for buying a used car. One example of such classified webisite is Qatar Classifieds.