Many people are unsure of how to become noticed for all of the positive work that they do during the average workday. Unfortunately, working hard and doing a great job are no longer enough to get noticed. People in general are very poor at noticing who the hardest worker is, or who the most productive employee in general is. People are in all actuality a terrible job of character. Therefore, your boss might need a little nudge in the right direction when it comes time to do performance evaluations.

1. Self-promotion.

No one likes a braggart, but at the time same time, being humble does not let other employees or the boss know hoe valuable and productive your are. When you accomplish a daunting task let others know how your work is going to benefit them. Avoid letting other people know how hard you work, because really, most people are working hard.

2. Spread the praise.

If you acknowledge subordinates and the work that they have done, it will in turn cause them to respond positively to your bosses if your name ever comes up. Besides, happy subordinates are productive ones.

3. Volunteer for everything.

It is time to sacrifice a little short term enjoyment and recreation for long term success. This is really just another form of self-promotion, but you always want your name in the back of your superior's mind. This also gives you an opportunity to form a relationship with your superiors, which can subtly influence their opinion of you come evaluation time.

4. Appear knowledgeable.

During a meeting people do not remember who first proposed a solution or an idea, simply the person who repeated the information the loudest. Research into group function and dynamics indicates that if you repeat correct answers louder, and in a more authoritative voice than the person who actually answered first, people will identify you with the correct answer. It sounds dishonest, but it is one way to manipulate subconscious mind for career advancement.

5. Titles are everything.

Project leader, consultant, chief assistant, etc. People associate knowledge and experience with titles. Constantly signing emails with your titles, or using them to introduce yourself will subtly influence the way that others thing about you.

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