A century has passed since the worst maritime disaster in the world’s history killed over 1,500 innocent souls in the year 1912. However, it is astounding to find that far too many people don't know if the sinking of Titanic was “REAL,” and are still discovering that it was a true event.

Last week the world marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ill-fated RMS Titanic, the largest and most luxurious passenger liner that went down after hitting a huge iceberg mid-Atlantic, southeast of Cape Race. Five of its major compartments had ruptured instantly and the ship sank within a few hours after the crash, while on its maiden voyage.

Titanic’s sinking has inspired a lengthy reference and description not only in history, literature, school/college course books and broadcasting channels like the Discovery and National Geographic, but also in the world famous movie by James Cameron, now in the 3D version as well.

However, it is appalling to find that some young and learned blokes are still unaware that the historical incident was true.

“Nobody told me Titanic was real… was it?”

“I have just realized Titanic was a real event.”

Never knew Titanic was real… thought was just another movie I haven’t yet seen.”

“I never knew Titanic ever happened… did it??”

These are the posts of a few young Twitter users who posted their ignorance on recently learning about the real life disaster.

“I thought Titanic was just a movie, I didn’t know it was real tho,” a user wrote on Twitter.

“The Titanic was a real holly shit I’m never going on a cruise,” Mr Dragon expressed his distress on learning the fact.

Well, certainly it is about the perception that gives an insight of where young people are heading towards.

It is indeed harrowing to believe that most teenagers still think Titanic was just an eternal love story of Jack and Rose but little do they know about the real dreadful incident that killed thousands of people and orphaned their children.

“Didn’t know Titanic actually happened: O I thought it was just a film!,” wrote a Twitter user in the thread.

“Only just found out Titanic was real,” another user, Jas Tweeted.

A user posted a screen-shot of the thread on Twitter, last week and got over 76,000 viewers. Learned folks are apparently stunned to read the thread. Some of them even penned down their distress. Here are some comments:

“American Education system in action :D” said a user Ryan.

Another said, “What! I thought education was real. I thought people learned stuff.”

Interestingly, a Facebook user who shared the post for his friends said: “It is a new kind of dumb… redefining ignorance,” referring to the conversation in the thread.

Tell us what you feel about it.

Also, check out some images of RMS Titanic, the real ship, world's largest ship then, that snak a century ago.