When Doug Marriott, of the Marriott Hotel family, recently chose to join the Tivus advisory board, he made his enthusiasm for Tivus clear, indicating how proud he was to be a part of bringing what he called a game-changing business model to the hotel industry. Doug Marriott is the cousin of Marriott Chairman and CEO Bill Marriott and Host Hotels Chairman Richard Marriott.

Marriott International has been in the forefront of revolutionizing the hotel electronic environment, including their decision to eliminate adult movies from its pay-per-view systems provided by LodgeNet in new hotels. The company plans to transition its in-room programming to an Internet-based video-on-demand model to provide guests more choices and personal viewing control. Hotel and resort guests today are used to having a lot of control and options as part of their home entertainment systems, and they don’t pay good money to go to a hotel or resort in order to get less.

The Tivus system will provide high-functionality Internet-based television and cable programming, in addition to offering a number of advanced hotel communication features. The system will let guests access Facebook and streaming Netflix films, as well as provide access to information regarding hotel products and services. Tivus combines onsite hardware and software with sophisticated flat-screen displays, resulting in an unmatched integrated television/Internet experience.

The link between the hotel guest and the hotel is greatly strengthened, even allowing the system to become a significant revenue generator through targeted advertising of tourist services and various products. Tivus also has a revenue sharing program that makes it financially viable for hotels to ramp up to this new world of guest communication and entertainment. The company is already working with Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc., the giant hospitality organization, in the development of its new HD IPTV system.

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