Omaha based Tivus, Inc. is an entertainment services company, offering advanced Internet TV and cable solutions to worldwide hotels and resorts. The fact is that hotels and resorts everywhere have been living with tight times, in spite of globalization and an increase in worldwide travel it is assumed to bring. Small margins and uncertain prospects tend to put the brakes on investment, often at just the time when it is needed most. It’s been easy for hotels and resorts, like any organization, to get set in their ways, waiting for the sky to clear before venturing outside.

Although travel in 2011 is expected to increase, the highest profitability has been shown to go to the hotels that are the most creative and efficient in the use of every dollar, not necessarily the biggest or the fanciest. In the hotel industry, there is always the need to differentiate. Tivus feels it offers the most cost effective way to differentiate, through the application of advanced communication technologies. The idea with Tivus is that a hotel’s costly entertainment system, once viewed only as a necessary expense, can now be transformed into a revenue generating and highly attractive link between a captive audience and the outside world.

For guests, it means a much broader range of content and options, through a far more effective use of bandwidth. This comes from the ability today to sense and turn off channels that are not being used, greatly increasing the number of channels a given bandwidth can support. New technologies also allow more service and security options, both for guests and hotels. And, because the Tivus system architecture means traffic can be analyzed based upon behavioral, geographical, and seasonal factors, advertisers can now use targeted advertising in ways never before possible, exposure for which they are willing to pay a premium.

Perhaps best of all, it provides a way for hotels and resorts to minimize the cost of upgrading, through the use of the Tivus revenue sharing plan. It represents a win for everybody involved, and should help boost a battle weary industry into better times.

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