Tivus, Inc., a provider of turnkey high-definition Internet-protocol television (HD IPTV) in-room entertainment technology to the hotel and hospitality industry, introduced the first Company branded Tivus e-SmarTV™ interactive HD IPTV set.

Tivus e-SmarTV is the first-of-its-kind in the industry, offering robust interactive capabilities that enable such firsts as ad-revenue sharing opportunities, programming control, and on-the-fly hotel promotional control. The interactive Tivus e-SmarTV opens up an enormous amount of entertainment, business, and revenue generating possibilities never before available to the hotel and hospitality industry.

“Tivus designed this attractive, first-of-its-kind interactive HD IPTV TV unit, bearing the Tivus brand name prominently on the front, as a multidimensional hotel entertainment platform with many integrated features including the set-top box, secure wireless internet, viewer accessible connections, and pure IP-based connectivity,” commented Shiva Prakash, Tivus’ chief executive officer.

In November of last year, the Company announced its HD IPTV supply agreement with European electronics giant Vestel Group, of Manisa, Turkey, through Vestel’s Master North America Distributor, CVS International Ltd. With EUR 3.7 billion in annual sales, Vestel’s European market share accounts for 21% of the total TV market, 10% of the total LCD TV market, 25% of the total digital set-top box market, and 10% of the total household appliance market.

“While the deployment of our successful end-user technology is underway, progress of our other installations continue in earnest as Tivus leads the way innovating the first purely IP interactive HD IPTV solution to the hotel and hospitality industry,” Prakash concluded.

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